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My Brother's Trans Am

Bro's TransAm - Chameleon Flames




These are the most recent pictures I have of my brother's '95 TransAm.  They were taken late October 2002.  Enjoy.  Click the thumbnails for a larger image.  Put your mouse over the images to see a brief description.



These are some pictures of my brother's TransAm.  They were taken around June 2002 right when he got the car back from the hood install and flame job.  The flames are chameleon and change about six different colors.  The hood that he has on there is called the Warbird hood, which is very similar to the USBody TransAm hood.  Click on the thumbnails to view larger pics.



About Mike

Mike is a graduate from Dunwoody Technical school. He is working on becoming an electrician.  He recently got accepted into the Union, and is currently working an apprenticeship program.  His main love is his car, a 1995 Trans Am. He purchased the car when he was a senior in high school. He also attended Mounds View High School. He continues to play hockey and party. He likes to play golf. My brother and I will be doing tons of modifications to our cars throughout our lifespan. Keep checking back for updates, as most of this site is just temporary. I will have Mike add some of his own stuff on here.