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Welcome to the homepage of "White Ghost:"  My '94 Z28



Car Craft Pictures - 2002

These are pictures from Car Craft 2002 in St. Paul, Minnesota.  This is the second Car Craft that the "White Ghost" has made an appearance at.  The appearance of my car at this years Car Craft was far more drastic than the year before.  Right when you entered the Fairgrounds, Car Craft Magazine would snap a picture of each person's ride.  Out of all the rides, mine was chosen to be on the homepages of Car Craft and Hot Rod Magazine.  It was pretty exciting.  Also, I got the chance to have my car dynoed for free.  If you want to download a video of some of our clubs cars on the dyno, including mine first, click here (be patient, it's a long download).  That day I pulled some pretty horrible numbers, considering the headers were put on right before it and I was putting out numbers that weren't even close to the stock horsepower rating.  The reason my car could have pulled such pathetic numbers was because I had a burnt plug wire that I was not aware of, plus the humidity was horrible that day.  I want to say that my best pull was only at like 242 RWH.  I will scan the dyno sheet once I get a hold of it at home.  It's pretty pathetic though so I don't know if I'll post it anytime soon.  It was my first dyno though, so that's kind of exciting!


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New Pics added!  These were taken in late October 2002, a little bit before the Z went away for the winter.  Click the thumbnails to view larger images.  Enjoy!



These pictures were taken during August 2002.  I wanted to show off the flame job in different lighting schemes so you can see how they "disappear."  Enjoy the pictures and give me feedback through email.  Click on the thumbnails to view full-sized pics, and hold your cursor over the picture to see a brief description.


These are pictures from May 1st, 2001.  This was the day that I got my Z28 back from the paint shop.  I was pumped to see how it turned out.


These picture are from July 2002 I believe.  The second picture in the top row from the left was chosen to be in the's screen saver, which I am very proud of, plus I get a free copy of their screen saver.  I did a little photo shoot in a local parking lot just so I could get some pics up.  Enjoy.



These pics are of my white-faced dash.  I have the indiglo gauges installed, and they look awesome at night.  The picture doesn't do them justice at all.

These are some pictures of the Z before I got the SS hood and flame job.  These were taken for my senior pictures last year in October 2001.


Here are some pictures of my Z28 and my brother's TransAm.  These were also taken in October 2001 for more of my senior pics.  You can see new pics of my brother's TransAm with chameleon flames here.



These are some old pictures of my Z before many of the mods I currently have.  I sold these chrome rims to my buddy who also has a 94Z when I got my 18s.  The pictures in the parking lot were for the promotion of "The Fast and the Furious" for a local theater.  We got free tickets to the movie!!


Here are some more pictures from the promotion of "The Fast and the Furious."  The green Chevelle belongs to my dad.  It is the SS 396/375hp L-78 I believe.  They only mad 2215 of this model.  He has owned it ever since 1970, and it currently only has 58,000 miles on it.  My bro's Tranny is on the right.