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The Story

I purchased my 1994 Z28 on June 6th, 2000. I was only sixteen years old at the time, and a sophomore in high school. I was completely obsessed with the F-body after my brother, Mike, purchased a 1995 Trans Am his senior year in high school. I had been shopping around for a good deal on a F-body, and came across the Z28 that I now own. When looking for a car t-tops were a must, and an M-6 would be nice, but not something my F-body had to have. When I saw the ad in the Auto Trader, I knew I had to have it. It took some time to convince my parents to allow me to purchase such a vehicle. I knew that my dad would have to give in because he is a car junkie himself. He owns a 1970 Chevelle, 396/375 HP, and has always owned other sweet cars, and he was also an avid participator in drag racing. My Z28 only had 33,933 miles on the car when I purchased it, and was completely stock.  I have done every modification that you see done to the car.  It had never seen a winter, and has yet to see one. The guy that I purchased the car from was a 48 year old man that had to sell it to pay for his boat. The condition of the car was perfect. It was white, with t-tops, cloth interior, Bose audio (only in the car for about 1 week before I put my system in it), and an automatic. I was somewhat disappointed that the car was an automatic, but the deal I got on the car was too good to pass up (I can always pop in a T-56 tranny when the automatic fails). The day I purchased the car the mods began. I was filled with joy to own such an amazing car that day!