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Adam's '94 Z28

This part of my site is dedicated to my buddies '94 Z28.  He bought the car about a year after I got my Z.  He also began modifying his ride right away, just as I did.  His Z is a hard-top 6-speed.  He just recently had the RKSport Big Block hood painted and installed, shortly after I got my hood and paint done.  He has kept up pretty well with modifying his car along with mine.  He is inching towards having the same stuff done to his car as I have done to mine.  It's really cool to have a buddy with the same hobby, let alone car.  Our cars remind me of twin sisters; both are white 94 Zs.  He has huge plans for mods in the future.  It is a never ending project to Adam.



Update:  New pictures showing the RKSport wing he recently added.  It's lookin' real good!  These pics were taken from the auto body shop that he had do the wing and spoiler.  Fairway Collision is awesome!  They don't normally do custom jobs, but Kevin is the man!  He did my car as well.


Click the Thumbnails for a full-view of the pictures!





That is all I have right now.  I will be updating this page with a ton more pictures of Adam's ride, along with both of our together.  Be patient.  I just wanted to get his ride up on the net for him!  Keep checking back.


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